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Molecule Shirts

Category : Forensics

So, I participared in the RedPWN CTF over the last few hours. Pretty cool CTF, and this challenge is especially VERY different. So, we are given a PNG image, which on checking with file is a BMP. Change the extension to .bmp, and we get this!


So, after a lot of while thinking this is a Steganography image, I decided to contact my bio-tech friends. What if this image a clue to something?

So there are two compounds in this image, and both are peptides. The thing about peptides is that, they have a One-Letter Symbol based Nomenclature!. Link

So, upon figuring out each and every peptide, we get the name DR ARMSTRONG

I thought this could be a password to steghide or something. But apparently, this itself was the flag. flag{DRARMSTRONG}